You'll Like Our ATTITUDE


At HUSKY, we believe attitude comes from the heart. Before individuals join the HUSKY Team,we make certain they LOVE what they do. HUSKY machinists enjoy making quality parts.

Secondly, HUSKY's customers want more then a supplier. Our customers want experienced people helping them solve their problems. At HUSKY, we're not afraid to ask questions to better understand the application of the parts we make. HUSKY's machinists have extensive experience. In fact, HUSKY's average machinist possesses over 15 years experience (I told you we love what we do)

Most importantly, we believe we are in the service business. We serve our customers professionally starting with timely quotes to error free billing. We utilize computerized quotation, scheduling and accounting systems to ensure that OUR CUSTOMERS GET WHAT THEY WANT......ONTIME...... and WITHIN BUDGET.

Husky Family

Hard At Work

Husky's Services

Husky Provides a full array of precision machining services.

Machining Services:

1. Boring Mill Machining
2. CNC Milling
3. Bridgeport Milling
4. CNC Lathe
5. Surface Grinding
6. Fixture Assembly
Fabrication and other services:

1. Weldments
2. Bases
3. Blanchard Grinding
4. Plates
5. Finished painting
6. Sheet Metal/Bending


The Husky Advantage

Quality and on-time deliveries differentiates Husky from the competition. Husky's rigorous inspection process catches mistakes before they become our customer's problem.

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